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Suicide Bunny Story

Suicide bunny is a company that is known for making the best E-Cigarette products. Their e cig liquid can be purchased and loaded into your E-cigarette. The suicide bunny e-juice products were started by a woman by the name of Pip Gresham. She is characterized as a hard worker. Her products reflect the effort she puts into her business. Many E-cigarette users will only buy her brand exclusively. Her customers state the flavors of her E-juices are rich. They also report her E-Juice tastes better than other E-cigarettes they have tried.

suicide-bunny-logo1One of the reasons why Pip was committed to making the best E-juices is because she originally made them with her husband’s needs in mind. He was a heavy cigarette smoker, and she wanted to help him stop smoking. She wanted to develop a smoking alternative. Thus, suicide bunny was born. It started with her vision, and it became a reality.

Pip’s creativity paired with her passion to make a quality product drove her to make top of the line E-juice. This is why her products are consistently the top sellers in E-Cigarette world.

Additionally, the website for suicide bunny is also easy to use. You can find E-juices by looking up the brand. You can also look up E-Juices by typing in their flavor. The website for suicide bunny is user friendly.

Another reason why suicide bunny e juice is number one is because all of her products are genuinely American made. She makes her home in Texas. This means something to residents of the United States. We want to support businesses that originate within our boarders. The idea of helping your neighbor is what America is built on.

Suicide bunny promises that none of their e cig liquid will be over 18mg nicotine. You always know where you stand when you smoke an E-Cigarette from this company.

Once suicide bunny had success with their E-Cigarettes and e-Juices, they began to expand their products to include other merchandise as well. Now they also sell T-shirts and hats.

Pip also sells E-cigarette accessories online at eJuice Farm. You can order replacement parts for your E-cigarettes.